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Skylark Cafe & Club – Friday May 16th, 2014

John Lee Spectre emerges from the frozen tundra of winter to play our first show of 2014. That’s right folks, step right up and witness our pale, ashen carcasses defrost and rock out under the lights of the Skylark Cafe & Club stage.

We will be joined by our good friend’s The Oly Electric and Tacoma’s Trees & Timber.

We’ll see you there if you know what’s good for us…




Hey! We made a Rock & Roll Record (and then fell off the planet)…

I can’t take it any more! The silence between us is killing me! Why don’t we just drop it. Let bygones be bygones as it were…

After a busy 2013 of playing lots of shows, writing new songs and getting ready to record, we finally got around to doing just that! We just submitted our first 4 song EP entitled “Dispensary” for digital distribution. It’ll be available on all of your favorite digital Tunes Stores in a few weeks. In the meantime, we’re also going to press some good old fashioned vinyl. Artwork and pressing is being worked on now. Be sure to listen to the record here on our site. There’s a convenient music player over to your right.

Aside from all that, it seems that we have not been able to get out of the basement since the record! It’s been one hell of a winter for John Lee Spectre. We’ve been sick, flooded, broken boned, etc. and have not had both a steady rehearsal schedule nor a gig to rehearse for. But, it is Spring time, and hope after all does spring eternal. It looks like we could be back in the saddle soon as a couple of gigs are forming.

In the meantime, here’s the front and back cover art we’ve agreed accompanies these songs quite well. Enjoy, share, like, do and be…

Dispensary EP Front Cover

Front Cover

Dispensary EP Back Cover

Back Cover



Cafe Racer – Friday Dec. 13th, 2013

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Cafe-Racer-12.13..13We continue our U-District blitz with our first show at Cafe Racer and most likely our final show of the year. We will be joined by our special guests The Snap. In case you live under a rock like those 2 schmucks in the Geico TV commercials, John Lee Spectre and The Snap are sort of conjoined at the hip as it were. Chris Kenan does double duty for this show, playing drums for The Snap and then taking the mic for John Lee Spectre.

If that isn’t enough for you or if you’re still maintaining residence under previously mentioned rock, then you’ll love this. No cover charge at the Cafe Racer. That’s right folks – Free. No awkward hand stamps to deal with and you can finally feel like a big shot as you walk in and take a seat like you own the place or something…



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